Attention: JOB Seekers (Pursuing & Fresh Graduates)
😨 Do you have a fear of attending Interviews?
🙄 Are you good at academics, but still getting rejected in interviews?
😞 Are you not getting enough opportunities to attend interviews?
😣 Do you struggle to create your Resume?
❌ Do you fail in the last round of interview?
🛑 Are you getting rejected as you are applying for jobs that are
 NOT in your core area?
If yes, we are here to take away all your worries !!! 😃
 on 15th June 2020
The first-ever "Interview preparation course" designed exclusively for freshers
What will you learn in this course?
Job Interview Mastery is a 15 module pre-recorded video course curated by Interview experts exclusively for freshers. This course will help you in improving the below areas which are very critical in the journey to get your dream job.
  • How to apply for the right jobs that suit your Strengths & Interests
  • How to create an ATS friendly & Trap free Resume
  • How to prepare your Interview answers which highlight your profile
  • How to handle objections, trap questions in Interviews
  • How to handle Interview stress and overcome it
  • How to create a professional Social profile to increase your job prospects
  • Know about various Job avenues - Traditional & Non-traditional
  • Know about various type of Interviews(Tele, Face to Face, Online)  and how to face them with ease
Week #1 
Module 1: Fresher Jobs- Market Overview
  • Course Introduction
  • On-campus/Off-campus/Walk-in Drive/placement agency recruitment drives
  • Job Application Types ( Mass, References, Job Postings)
  • The unique case of mismatch between Job Openings & Hiring Fulfilment
Module 2: Job Application & Interview hurdles
  • Before Job Application - Doing the right way
  • During Job Application - Importance of a relevant profile
  • During Preparation & before Interview  - (Screening rounds - GD/Tele & Email)
  • During Interview challenges
Module 3: Understand “ Industry Expectations from freshers”, the right way
  • Do all jobs require the same skills?
  • Are Job Descriptions common  for freshers
  • What’s important- Domain skills (Subject knowledge), Interpersonal Skills, Behavioral Skills
  • Does speaking in grammatically accurate English fetches you a selection
 Week #2
Module 4: Design your Career
  • Understand and analyze your personal & career requirement (SWOT Analysis)
  • Filter the options to reconstitute your “Target Job” based on your requirement (Goal Setting)
  • Identifying & Shortlisting job postings  as per your target job
  • Synchronize your resume with your  Interview answers
  • Collate achievements
  • Document real-life examples to add an edge  to the technical  skills in your resume
Module 5: Design your Resume
  • Resume Preparation mistakes & Rule book on how to avoid them
  • Difference between a Cover letter, CV & Resume and their appropriate usage
  • Resume formats, fonts & Styles
  • How to identify your unique “Career Objective”
  • What is an ATS friendly resume
  • Do’s and Don'ts while sharing resume with recruiters
Module 6: Job Application Strategy
  • Traditional avenues for job application
  • Importance of having your professional Social profile
  • Social networks to showcase your work & network
  • Leveraging LinkedIn right from your college days
  • Out of the box ideas to apply for jobs
  • Do’s and don'ts while applying
Week #3
Module 7: Type of Interviews
  • Face to Face Interviews
  • Face to Face Interviews - Panel
  • Telephonic Interviews
  • Video Interviews (Live - Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, others)
  • Video Interviews (Recorded)
Module 8: Type of Interview Questions
  • Who controls the interview flow - Candidate or Interviewer?
  • Type of Interview Questions
  • Behavioural questions, what attributes do they test and how to score
  • Skillset specific  questions
  • Follow-up questions
Module 9: Convincing Interview Answers
  • Positive words, Negative words & Overrated words
  • Is there an ideal length for your answer
  • How much to reveal and how much to hold it back
  • How to anticipate the follow-up questions, objections based on your answers
 Week #4
Module 10: Interview Facing Challenges
  • How to handle interview stress during the interview 
  • Overcoming Anxiety, Nervousness, Fear, Speech, Focus & Others
  • How to handle objections and score brownie points
Module 11: Things to do once Interview is Scheduled
  • Rehearsing your answers and modifying them as per the job role/Company
  • Understanding the Role
  • Company research & Others
Module 12: Non - Verbal Skills
  • Non Verbal skills and how to improve them
  • Importance of Interview dressing and how to ace it
Week #5
Module 13: How to answer Most Common Interview Questions
  • Tell me about yourself
  • Why should we hire you
  • Where do you see yourself in 3  to 5 years
  • What are your salary expectations
  • What are your strengths
  • What is your weakness
  • What do you know about our company
  • Why are you interested in this job
  • What is your greatest achievement till date in your career
  • Do you have any questions for us (Or) do you have anything to ask?
 Week #6
Module 14: Most Common Objections by Interviewer’s and how to handle them
  • You are asking for a very high salary for a fresher. We can only offer __ amount
  • Why should we hire you when there are other eligible candidates?
  • Your communication skills are not up to the mark
  • Why are you not looking for a job in your core area? Example: Being a BTech student why do you want to apply for a BPO or a BD job
  • Would you be willing to sign a contract with us for a minimum of 2 years? 
  • You have got a gap in your education, why is it the case?
  • It’s been more than 6 months/1 years, you have completed your college, Why did you not got a job till now
  • It’s risky hiring a fresher for this role. We would like to look for other options
Bonus Module - Group Discussion & JAM sessions
  • 3 step approach to prepare for GD’s & JAM sessions
  • How to handle GD’s effectively
Course Curators
Sunitha Amancha
Sunitha, an HR professional with 12 years of experience in various HR functions started her career in Talent Acquisition/Recruitment, which is her passion. Campus drives, Lateral hiring, Headhunting and other recruitment forms gave her the opportunity to meet candidates with a different perspective on a daily basis and gave her the insights to design the course keeping their challenges in the centre and how they can overcome with a little effort and smart work
Girish K Pavuluri
Girish has an experience of 16 years in Education, Hospitality, Insurance & RealEstate domains. During this tenure, he has got the opportunity to be part of many recruitment initiates and taking interviews as part of his responsibilities. Across the years he has observed on what it takes for the candidate to overcome the interview jitters and come out with flying colours
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